Free Guy- Movie Review


Courtesy of IMDb

Mike Brennan, Writer

Free Guy is a film about a bank teller named Guy who discovers that he is an NPC (Non Player Character) in an open world game called Free City. When he discovers this, Guy sets out on a mission to change his world for the better with help from one of the coders that created him and to save the woman he loves. Guy, played by Ryan Reynolds, is by far the best part of the movie. Without the actor’s signature sarcastic attitude and creative swearing, Free Guy is a breath of fresh air for Reynolds’ career.
As for it being a video game movie, it is one of the best ones of its kind. It easily tops Ready Player One with how funny and clever the writing is. There is a huge stigma with video game movies all are soulless cash grabs. While that may not be entirely wrong, I believe Free Guy is a turning point for movies based on video games. It was genuinely a good movie that was actually enjoyable to watch. The comedy came naturally and the characters are believable, except for the antagonist who’s just some greedy billionaire CEO who seems almost evil for no reason. Visuals were pretty good throughout the majority of the movie, except the scenes that tried showing what the game looked like (it looked like a mobile game ad).
Free Guy has an amazing story, visuals, and original score mixed with some classic pop songs. I would definitely recommend seeing the movie this weekend and I would say this movie is definitely worth the price of admission.