What Made Homecoming 2021 So Memorable?


Malaia Williams, Writer

This year’s Homecoming took place at Canyon on October 2, 2021. The event was packed with many students looking to have a good time. There were platforms for students to dance on, lounges, stage lights, photo booths, arcade games, and the appearance of the crowd’s favorite High School Musical song.

Though the theme was the Roaring 20’s, many people just wore whatever they felt like wearing. For the guys, it was a suit and tie or a dress shirt. For the girls, it was a dress and heels or sneakers. The dance floor was occupied by  students dancing and jumping around.  Where the line piled up, though, were the photobooths. There were two photobooths, one to take close up shots with props and the other farther back so attendees could show off their nice outfits.  The games that were set up included two hockey tables, a pool table, and two retro arcade games. The hockey tables is where the competition exploded, students battling against each other seriously trying to rack up points against one another. 

The night was exhilarating and many students had different reasons for Homecoming 2021 being so memorable to them. Students of Canyon High School were asked the question: What made Homecoming 2021 so memorable? Responses included: making memories with friends, going to eat afterwards, having their last Homecoming, and even playing hide n’ seek. With the help of ASB, we were able to have this night that we will remember forever.