Clubs at Canyon


It’s hard to wake up early in the morning five times a week and get excited about going to school.  School creates a lot of stress for students and without anything to look forward to, feeling completely drained at the end of the week is inevitable. Constant stress has an extremely negative effect on the human body, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, vulnerability to anxiety and depression, and more. You can’t avoid school, but an easy fix to your issue would be to make school more interesting. Joining clubs is a good way to make friends with similar interests which will make you feel a little more excited about going to school.  It can help you find things that you’re passionate about and express it with people who feel the same way. Not only does it help you feel better about school, but it also looks good for colleges. Joining clubs is extremely easy and there are some amazing ones at Canyon that are worth considering. 

One of the many great clubs at Canyon is the CHOC club. The club is run by Joyce Lee and she says that she “strives to help students get involved in the medical field and pediatric care.” It offers many opportunities, such as volunteering and the chance to speak and network with medical professionals. It can help you find your passion if you’re interested in helping others, working in the medical field, or even just trying out something new. 

Another club to be interested in is the Uplifting Canyon club. The president of the club is Melina Shafie and the goal of the club is to help students fight against depressive moods. Since the pandemic started, depression and anxiety rates have shot up and many students have been affected by it. Melina’s plan is to uplift student’s moods by using art and poetry. The club offers community service hours, where you can learn to work with others and set good habits for the future. It’s a safe space for students and everyone is welcome to join. 

An additional club that’s a lot of fun is the Photography Club. The club’s president is Jaden Men, and the club works to provide students with a creative outlet for their ideas. It brings new and old members together to allow the former members to share their knowledge with others. It offers a creative and educational opportunity for both beginner and experienced students. This club opens a window of opportunity for students to form new friendships and find a new hobby to love. The club plans to take pictures of many different subjects, which will be both related and unrelated to Canyon. 

Another club at Canyon is the Culinary Arts Club, which is run by Kobe Ngoy. It opens the minds of students to new foods and different cultures. The club helps students explore each other’s diverse backgrounds. It gives students the opportunity to learn about different cultures while having fun and eating food. What’s even more appealing about the club is that it involves one thing that everyone loves: food. The club also plans to host fundraisers in the future. 

Finally there is the Children of War Foundation Club. It’s run by Georgia Axiotis and she says that “COWF Canyon is really about being an extension of the Children of War Foundation itself”. The Children of War Foundation is a non-profit organization that brings health and education to children who have been impacted by wars or disasters. The club is working towards doing the same thing and supporting the foundation. This year they’re raising money to get supplies for families at the School of Dreams. The School of Dreams is a COWF school on the Jordanian-Syrian border that hosts students (mostly refugees from Syria) in a tent classroom on open farmland. Joining the club is a great way to support people who need it and gain a new perspective of life. It’s a great opportunity to see how your efforts can help the lives of others.