Call of Duty Vanguard Review

Michael Brennan, Writer

After the last six years, it feels as though that the Call of Duty franchise has been stuck on a downward decline for a while now. With Activision releasing a new Call of Duty game just about every year it makes sense that they have run out of ideas and they’re going back to World War 2. That being said, Call of Vanguard from what I have seen in the beta feels like Modern Warfare (2019) with a WW2 paint job. The beta is a buggy mess with textures not loading in, audio bugs in footsteps, as well as the textures popping or exploding and just obstructed vision. However, I will cut the game some slack considering it’s just a beta, and most if not all of these issues will be resolved by the release date.  

What I did like about the beta is that it has more of the Modern Warfare features such as bursting through weak walls, and weapon mounting has made a return. As well as having the features from Modern Warfare (2019), Vanguard also plays a lot like Modern Warfare. Personally, I love that because Modern Warfare (2019) is one of my favorite Call of Duty games and the fact that they are finally going back to that is a huge plus for me. As much as World War 2 has been done to death, I still think that time period is super interesting to do a Call of Duty game on, and on top of that SledgeHammer, a development company owned by Activision, also happens to be one of my favorite teams and is developing the Call of Duty this year. After SledgeHammer (hopefully) works out the bugs in Vanguard I hope it will shape up to be a pretty good Call of Duty game and maybe be one of the better Call of Duty games in a while because that is exactly what the series needs, just one good game to set the series back on track.