A Conversation with Homecoming King and Queen

Naomi Estrada, writer

By Naomi Estrada

1. What were your initial thoughts/emotions when hearing your name being called for Homecoming King/Queen?

Olivia: “I was surprised and excited.”

Seamus: “I was definitely surprised.” 

2. Was winning one of your goals? Was there anything in particular you did to get this role? 

Olivia: “I wouldn’t say it was a goal. I was excited that I was nominated for Queen. Definitely the friends I made helped me and the fact that my friends were running up against me was really nice, I would’ve been happy no matter who won and excited for them.”

Seamus: “Nothing on my end, just the friends I accumulated over the years played a main factor in getting this role.” 

3. Would you say this is one of your high school highlights?

Olivia: “Yes I think it’s something that’s a once in a lifetime highschool thing.

Seamus: “Definitely a once in a lifetime experience, nothing similar would ever happen again. It’s a very unique experience. I’m grateful for being able to experience it.”

4. Did you feel any pressure coming into this role?

Olivia: “Initially I did, I didn’t know who I was going to be running against. I was surprised that it happened but towards the end I found out I was running against my friends and I was very happy for them and they were happy for me. All the pressure was relieved.”

Seamus: “Mainly I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Once everything unraveled it was pretty cool to program the whole experience. Definitely enjoyed it.”

5. Do you know each other personally? 

Olivia: “7th grade creative writing.

Seamus: “Yes it was cool.

6. Lastly, do you have anything you want to add?

Olivia: “Be Homecoming Queen.” 

Seamus: “Do your best to be Homecoming King.”