Spider-Man: No Way Home Review *SPOILERS INCLUDED*

Michael Brennan, Writer


Spider-Man No Way Home has become the highest-grossing (As of writing this $1.5 billion) solo superhero movie of all time and for good reason, because honestly this movie is fantastic and I can not recommend it enough. It has a masterful balancing act with MCU Peter Parker and 20 years of legacy the other Spider-Man films. Not to mention all past movie villains reprising their roles the most notably being William Defoe reprising his role as the menacing Green Goblin. During the movie, he ditches the Halloween mask and flight suit in favor of some tattered clothes which allow Defoe to do some incredible face acting to make him become just as menacing as the comic version of the Green Goblin.

If you were keeping up with rumors you most likely already knew ahead of time that Andrew and Tobey were gonna make a return, the fact that Marvel Studios was even able to make that happen is still amazing to me. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield make their return at the perfect time during one of the darker parts of the movie to bring a little bit of hope to a very bleak situation. I do wish they would have had a bit more screen time to see more of a fish out of water/man out of his depth and maybe some more interaction between the two but with the number of things they had to balance, what we got is perfectly fine. Also, I was incredibly happy to see that Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx (Electro) got a chance at redemption after the not-so-amazing sequel that was Amazing Spider-Man 2.

No Way Home is indeed an incredible solo movie but it also adds to the previous Spider-Man movies by adding a sense of closure for the villains. They could have easily just made the old cast in the movie have a one-off cameo but instead, they make the previous cast integral to the plot and growth of MCU Spider-Man. For example, the already mentioned Andrew Garfield resolved his arc by saving MCU MJ after losing Gwen Stacy the same way. Garfield is not the only one who gets closure, Maguire does as well by seeing him stop Holland from killing the Green Goblin, which was incredible, as was the nice moment we get to see him have with Doc Ock.

The ending where Spider-Man sends home everyone who had been dragged into the MCU by having Strange make everyone forget who he is brings back the down-on-his-luck character that we are used to seeing. No longer does he have the luxuries of Stark technology or aid from the Avengers to go back to his roots as the “friendly neighborhood” Spider-Man. Although the ending is a little sad I do like the ending and I am kind of excited to see where they go with the story and how they are going to do the next trilogy.