Russia Vs. Ukraine

In February this year, President Vladimir Putin of Russia, declared war against Ukraine hoping to gain power over the country, and rebuild the Soviet Union. With Russian citizens having no say or power they have been ferried with news broadcasts, turning the world against them. 

        With all east perimeters of Ukraine being invaded, the citizens of the country have had to evacuate their homes, towns, and cities, and even escape the country. Not only Ukrainian citizens have had to take precautions but Russian citizens have as well. Meaning, because of the economy crashing, malls, restaurants, cities, and more have been closed, putting a majority of businesses in jeopardy.  


            The war has not only affected Ukraine and Russia but the U.S as well. By bringing inflation up 8.5%, inflation has put a big impact on our economy by raising gas prices. As of June 2022 gas prices shot up to $7 per gallon, which is the most we have had to pay in history. The U.S depends on over 8% of its gas from Russia and 12% of its oil from the country. 


          The Ukrainian Government and military have done everything possible to fight back and defend their country, leaving Russia to switch battle tactics to move down to the southeast area of the country. Russia has sent bombs and military forces, now leaving the country’s capital Kyiv under Russian control.  Ukrainian forces are gaining power back to the North side of their country around Kharkiv, the second-largest city in the country. 


              Russian airstrikes have been said to have killed large numbers of Ukrainians, with the most deadly fighting in Mariupol. The city has suffered and been blown to the ground by Russian bombs. According to Ukraine’s United Nations refugee agency,  over 6 million people have left the country. With Russia being the largest country in the world, Ukraine has developed a strategic plan to defend itself. By updating their technology on the battlefield,  and digging deeper trenches to defend against Russian artillery.  Ukraine has been sending its tactics to blow up Russian supply hubs, hoping to cut off their bomb and firearm supplies. The objective of the war is for Putin to gain back the Soviet Union that lost its title on December 25, 1991, as the 15 countries declared independence. 


       Although the Russian military has been considered the second-most powerful in the world, Ukraine is not backing down and fighting for its country.