America’s Distressing Epidemic: School Shootings

The loss of 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas has shaken America. These elementary school students and staff have become a part of a larger statistic: those who have died because of school shootings. This brings us to the harsh reality that is living in America. There’s a constant threat of shootings, even in places where you’re supposed to be safe.

At the American School in London, students go through a security process everyday. There are security guards and bulletproof glass around the entrance. These precautions are effective, since Britain had no school shootings this year, while America has had at least 288. 

This triggers the discussion of gun control in general. Just on Sunday, September 18, there were five mass shootings. What is America doing wrong? How can we make schools and public places safer? How would people respond if the gun loses some of its rights? Many people care about their rights to own firearms, and see it as freedom, but at this point it’s a lethal threat. But, there aren’t many precautions in place at schools and public places to keep us safe from harm. There must be a way to compromise rights with safety.

A big question is, do schools in America have enough money to invest in security systems? The unfortunate reality is that many schools aren’t funded enough to get money for things such as proper security to protect from an armed threat. Even if they have the money, putting these precautions in place is not high on schools’ priority lists. Another unfortunate truth: the places with lowest income, and least possibility to afford it, will be the easiest victims.

Luckily, in Anaheim, there haven’t been many- if any- school shooting threats/occurrences. In all of Southern California, though, shootings aren’t hard to find. It’s critical to stay informed on where shootings occur and the warning signs of a shooter. Almost always, high school shooters come from within the school-  so understanding what warning signs to report is an important aspect for high school students.  Finding ways to participate in government is also important, as you can help lobby for gun safety,  to try and minimize public shootings. There’s a lot you can do as students to guarantee your school environment is safe.