Body found in the trunk of a car near Gypsum Canyon

The tragic passing of Adrian Bonar was caused purely by the violent acts of Antonio Silva in late 2019. More information can be found on the official ABC news website.

Almost exactly three years ago to this day, a dead body was found in the trunk of a car in Gypsum Canyon by a truck driver who was attempting to tow this car. It was deliberately hidden and wrapped up in a blue tarp so that it wouldn’t be visible to the public, meaning that this was an active homicide incident. 

The police spent a while attempting to see how long the vehicle had been there and based on the information posted by the official Anaheim PD Twitter account, we can conclude that it had been there for quite some time before it was found by this truck driver. 

Soon after investigating the body and the car they found evidence that a man by the name of Antonio Silva was present in the vehicle where the man was hidden. They arrested him and found a little over two kilograms of fentanyl in his home along with multiple registered firearms at his home on north Bristol street.

The police eventually concluded that the victim was Adrian Bonar, age 34 and that he had been kidnapped from the safety of his own home while he was still alive, and then later killed near the location of the vehicle on Santa Ana Canyon road near Gypsum Canyon. 

Of course, we’ve all heard stories of shootings, kidnappings, and murders, but it’s a whole new feeling to know that it happened close to home. As someone who hadn’t even heard about this investigation until recently, I’m shocked that this man’s murder has been so under the radar and it proves that no matter how safe you feel in your own home, you never truly know how safe you might be.

Although this is a very rare occurrence, the killing of Adrian Bonar is evidence that this kind of violence is running rampant all over our country and the entire world. This isn’t something we can control as people, we just need to make sure that we only put ourselves in the safest of situations because this could happen to anybody anywhere. It’s better to be safe than sorry.