How We Won’t Have the Same Fate as the Dinosaurs

We could have the same fate as the dinosaurs, but the imagination of NASA scientists will save us. Comets from space pose a possible threat to the planet due to gravitational force. NASA scientists are planning to test a theory that a spaceship could stop an asteroid or comet from destroying the Earth. The idea is to send a spaceship to destroy an asteroid named Dimorphus by having the spaceship crash into the asteroid.

The project will take place in 2026, once technology is advanced enough to send a spaceship up by itself to target an asteroid. If the project goes to plan, then scientists in the future prevent asteroids or comets from destroying the planet. This technology provides comfort to the people on Earth by adding another space safety resource. Crazy ideas sometimes become realities, such as the NASA project to crash a spaceship into an asteroid. This project uses the concept of Newton’s third law, that describes that for every action there is an equal opposite reaction. When the spaceship hits the comet, none of the debris from it will hit Earth.

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The scientists used basic physics to come up with the idea, which is also taught in a high school Physics classroom. Students at Canyon say you will not need these skills for real life, but you never know. You might be the next NASA scientist trying to stop the end of the world. Furthermore, these ideas make people appreciate the Earth more, because it opens the eyes of the public to the possibility that the world could end any day.

However, not enough people do anything to help fix the problem. The world is a beautiful place that is often not appreciated, because we all take it for granted. “The world is not appreciated enough because it is overlooked by the bad. Beauty Is only appreciated by a few and not by the rest of the world. There is a lot of negative media in the world and not enough positivity.”- Canyon Student (Shayna Gayer, 12) So the next time students walk on the Canyon High School campus, just look up and be relieved that we are not extinct.