Rex Orange County Fans Devastated After the Musician is Charged with Six Counts of Sexual Assault

Rex Orange County, a famous music producer, has recently been charged with six counts of sexual assault, leaving fans across the world extremely upset.

One of Rex Orange County’s most listened to albums on spotify, Pony. As displayed on Spotify.

On Monday, October 10th, it was announced to the public that musician Rex Orange County was charged with six counts of sexual assault.

 The woman states she was assaulted twice in London’s West End on June 1st. Later on, it was shared that she was also assaulted the next day: once in a taxi, and three times at his home in Notting Hill. Rex Orange County, formally known as Alexander O’Connor, appeared in the Southwark Crown Court and pleaded not guilty to all charges.  

The news spread quickly across all social media, specifically TikTok. Videos and Tweets from Rex Orange County’s fans expressing their devastation and sadness for the situation have spread rapidly. On a TikTok by user @innottonyhawk, a woman expresses her disdain and claims in the caption, “This is literally so heartbreaking, disgusting, and disappointing. I was his biggest fan.” This occurrence has not only affected his fans emotionally, but physically as well. Many upcoming tour dates have also been canceled. Many teens and people at Canyon High School were big fans of Rex.  

Gigi Herner (12), a fan of Rex Orange County, expresses, “I felt very betrayed, and I was very upset, because he came off as such a sweet and caring feminist. It was very hurtful to discover that it was all a facade.” 

Erin Perez (12), another fan, states, “Honestly, I was devastated. Just because I love him. It broke my heart and I wanted to cry.” 

Ethan Brennan (12) and Brandon Wallace (12), stated together that they felt “Upset and Disappointed.” These two were frequent supporters of the artist- they not only listened to his music, but purchased merchandise, and attended one of his concerts. 

When Gigi and Erin were asked if they would continue to listen to this musician’s art, they both said no. In contrast, when Ethan was asked, he stated, “yeah.” Brandon had a similar response, but instead said, “You have to separate the art from the artist.”

Fans are anxiously waiting for the provisional trial date on January 3rd, 2023, to watch what will happen to the artist and see if the young woman will be served justice. Until then, fans are left to decide if they will continue to listen and support Rex, or not.