Will the Rise of Artificial Intelligence Impact the Students at Canyon High School?

The rise of Artificial Intelligence may impact artists around the world, including students at Canyon High School.

With the rise of technology, comes the evolution of generators like Artificial Intelligence. AI is an art creator that makes a piece within seconds if an individual types in just a few words. However, it raises many questions. How can technology form pieces of artwork with such emotion? How can AI create works within seconds of an individual typing it? 

Elliot Serure, a student at Shalhevet High School, has expressed their own emotions with the impact of Artificial Intelligence. They even go as deep as questioning, “what art is” based on the outcomes of AI. Serure sort of answers the question by stating, “Some, such as Plato… viewed art as an imitation of nature that captures the essence of ideas and forms. Others, such as Leonardo Da Vinci… argued that art is an expression of emotions and a medium of ideas and feelings. Others even argue that everything can be considered art. Still, most define art as an expression and reflection of humanity.” 

Now, this begs the question of how this can impact individuals, specifically, how can this effectively impact those at Canyon High School? Well, many students at Canyon love and have a great interest in art, in which they love painting, drawing, etc. However, with the evolution of Artificial Intelligence art and the system’s ability to create such complex and impressive pieces in such a short amount of time, big effects can take place on individuals around the world who create art pieces. Though some choose to believe that the meaning of art is human expression, the rise of Artificial Intelligence may downsize this idea and belief. 

However, the new rise of AI may not only have just a negative impact on artists. For example, the complexity of the unique and different designs that the system creates when a user types words into the generator can help stir up new ideas for individuals and influence a new project for them to make. 

As the students of Canyon High School become the artists of the future generations, they may be impacted by the rise of Artificial Intelligence art, especially with how it may advance more throughout the years ahead. However, with this comes new motivation for more pieces that are distinctive and one of a kind.