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And the Hoco Theme Is…Indiana Jones?!

The students of Canyon High School give their thoughts on the 2023-2024 school year’s Homecoming theme: Indiana Jones
Courtesy of The Vulture

Although coming a little earlier this year, Canyon’s annual Homecoming is an event students from every grade level look forward to as it brings together the school for a night of formality, contrary to the casualness offered at Warped. With the much-anticipated reveal of this year’s Homecoming theme, Indiana Jones, students have expressed differing opinions on the theme and how they think it will be carried into execution.

Many students appreciated the originality of basing the theme on a movie that is not commonly seen for a dance. Lisette Najarian (12) was one who, “enjoyed the reveal of the theme and was pleasantly surprised” with the result. The most frequent remark being mentioned in regards to an Indiana Jones Homecoming was the emphasis on, “liking how the theme is unique. It’s different,” (Serena Chacko (12). Students expressed admiration for the thoughtfulness and intent seen in not picking something overused or easy to execute, such as one of “The Decades” or “The Great Gatsby”. With Canyon celebrating its 50th Anniversary, it makes sense as to why “gold” would be included as a symbol for the celebration. However, it’s a wonder how it will be incorporated alongside Indiana Jones, and if it will result in two separate themes or one that’s strategically interconnected and well done. 

On the contrary, others felt less enthusiastic about the unexpected result. The most repeated criticism is candidly stated by Valentine Wollnik (11) in that, “It’s not general enough. In high school, everyone is different, so you have to pick something that will cater to everyone.” Other students have focused more on the aspect of the theme’s correlation to Homecoming being a formally esteemed event, similar to that of Winter Formal or Prom. The main argument for the comment is that Indiana Jones does not match the sophistication and glamor expected of a Homecoming theme since, “when I think of Indiana Jones, I don’t think of formal” – Sophia Ortiz (12)

Whatever the result, Canyon High School students can expect an exciting dance filled with, “super cool decorations that ASB can’t wait for them to see” (Sarah Deveraux (12), of ASB. I think the outcome, which we’ll see on September 30th, will exceed expectations and set the tone for an action-packed experience.


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