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Twin Day and Self-Expression

Embracing Friendship and Individuality: The Deeper Meaning of Twin Day
Photo Courtesy of Audrey Holas

Twin Day isn’t just another school event; it’s more of a celebration of the bonds that connect us as students and a great opportunity to express our individuality alongside our close friends. Twin day, where students dress up as “twins” with a friend, holds a deeper significance beyond just having fun. This event emphasizes the importance of platonic friendships and the freedom to express ourselves.

One of the deepest aspects of Twin Day is the way it highlights the importance of platonic friendships. While romantic relationships often are seen as more important, platonic bonds are the heroes of our lives. They provide us with support, friendship, and understanding. Twin Day encourages us to celebrate these friendships openly and appreciate our friends.

Expressing yourself with friends is another important aspect of this event. In a world that pressures young people to conform and be someone they are not, having friends who accept who you are is a gift that needs to be cherished. On twin days, students can break away from their norms and showcase their individual personalities along with their friends. The friends I see ‘twin’ tend to be a reflection of each other’s personality and that’s beautiful.

In addition to that, Twin Day promotes creativity and puts an emphasis on socializing. Planning, coordinating, and executing an outfit with a friend can be exciting and an opportunity for bonding. It encourages our students to come together and utilize creativity since students brainstorm their outfits in order to make their outfits stand out. This event reinforces the idea that we can achieve more together and have fun in the process.

Twin day could play a crucial role in finding a sense of inclusiveness and belonging. It’s a day where everyone is encouraged to express themselves, regardless of their background, interests, or style. This inclusivity sends a powerful message; that our community at Canyon High School values diversity and welcomes different forms a self self-expression. In doing so, it creates an environment where students feel safe expressing themselves every day, not just on Twin Day.

In conclusion, Twin Day at school is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of the friendships that define us and a reminder of the importance of expressing ourselves authentically. It teaches us to cherish and nurture our platonic friendships and to embrace our uniqueness without being judged.


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