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Taylor Swift Lifts Up Our Society

Taylor swift is helping the economy with The Eras Tour and by encouraging her fans to vote
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You’ve probably heard about the highly-anticipated Eras Tour that takes over each city it travels to. Taylor Swift’s three-and-a-half-hour show highlights each of her albums, or as she calls them, “Eras” of her 17-year career.

‘Swifties’ travel far and wide to see the concert, boosting travel, tourism, and revenue in the cities where Swift performs. According to, there’s a projected gross of $2.2 billion in ticket sales. Once the tour surpasses the $1 billion mark, Swift could achieve the milestone of the biggest tour in music history, which would surpass Elton John’s farewell tour that lasted three years. 

An article from says the Eras Tour has the potential to generate $4.6 billion in consumer spending. QuestionPro found that Swifites were spending an average of $1,300 on tickets, outfits, travel, and food. The number 13 also happens to be the number that Swifties wrote on their hand after Swift announced it as her lucky number. This money contributes to local businesses and generates a significant economic impact for these cities.

In Swift’s Miss Americana documentary, she shares, “I want to love glitter and also stand up for the double standards that exist in our society. I want to wear pink and tell you how I feel about politics. And I don’t think that those things have to cancel each other out”.

 For the past several years, Taylor Swift has encouraged her ‘Swifties’ to register to vote and emphasized the importance of voting. Swift had stayed neutral on politics for a good part of her career, but in 2018, she started to advocate for her beliefs. In her documentary, Miss Americana, she also shares, “I feel really good about not feeling muzzled anymore,” when talking about starting to speak up about politics. Ever since then, she has been a big supporter of having your voice heard and speaking out for your beliefs.

 According to, on September 19th, of this year, Taylor Swift posted on Instagram, encouraging her young Swifties to register to vote. As a result, saw an increase of 35,000 people who registered to vote, as of September 22, just because of that one post. By doing this, Swift is getting through to the young adults of our generation and emphasizing the importance of voting.

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