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What is The Lounge?

Canyon is now opening up a new room to the students called ‘The Lounge’- but some people wonder, what is it and why do we need it?
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We asked Mrs. Badillo, a counselor here at Canyon, what The Lounge is and what it can do to help out the students. “The Lounge is an extension of the Counselor’s Office and our programs.” She also added, “It allows us to offer different workshops, groups, and different community services in one location.” The Lounge is also available to all students. “When we offer a workshop, we’ll advertise it to students and we plan on doing workshops related to academics, college and career, personal and social type of things.” Lastly, we asked why she thinks The Lounge is beneficial for Canyon. “As a counseling department, we have a lot of ideas to help support students.” She explained how they sent out a survey to students last year asking what they feel they’re struggling with or need help with the most. “This is giving us an opportunity to offer workshops in the areas that they’re having difficulty with.” She continued, “For example, if you need more information on NCAA because you’re an athlete or you’re wondering how you can improve your community service, we offer specific workshops to certain things that students want and you can decide if you want to come or not.” If you have any questions about anything related to counseling, specific workshops will be held in The Lounge, which you can attend. 

Counselors are a big part of schools. They help us students with emotions, academics, and preparations for the future. The Lounge is a new and easier way to reach out to students who are struggling academically, and emotionally, or just need help with simple things such as homework. 

I think people should visit The Lounge because it’s a way to get help from your classmates and counselors and a good opportunity to communicate with them. You can get help with anything from college prep to social-emotional help. Our counselors, Mrs. Sanchez, Ms. Arriaga, Ms. Sidler, Mrs. Badillo, Ms. Jung, and Mrs. Lamb are here to support the students at Canyon.

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