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The Benefits of Participating in School

How participating in events can help boost your enjoyment of school.
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There are many benefits to participating in school events and a lot of them can help you out in the long run. Our school creates fun and innovative activities for all to enjoy.

Improvement of one’s mental health can increase positively when spending time indulging in activities with others. There are many opportunities that arise in which we hope to help people enjoy school. An example of the activities Canyon High School holds includes our spirit weeks, pep rallies, sports, class competitions, dances, etc. We hold many spirit weeks throughout the school year, often to compliment our school dances.  Students have shown love for these events and continue to join in on dressing up according to the themes.

Our school also holds pep rallies to display the seasonal sports happening, as well as other events. Pep rallies are an opportunity for students to scout out certain sports and get a general idea of them. Oftentimes, students find a sport they enjoy through watching others enjoy it.  Sports are also a great way to help you have more fun in school.  Although they do take time and dedication, they are a great way for students to form a camaraderie. On top of creating great connections, participating in sports is good for health. Although exercise benefits physical health, it’s also been shown to improve mental health.  Most students have tried a sport at least once, if not multiple times.

Participation in events and activities boosts one’s educational enjoyment greatly. There have been countless studies to prove the fact that socialization and participation makes one’s mental health stronger. A study in 1993 displayed how students’ engagement in school rose when spending more time on things they enjoy as well.  On top of this, the study proved that school dropout rates decreased with greater engagement in school activities. With an improved mental well-being, one finds more interest in bettering themselves and their grades.

Canyon High School greatly encourages that students do the best they can and that includes finding the things they love. We want to create opportunities for all our students. This is why we give various different activities for all to enjoy.


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