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Winter Competitions

Learn about a few of the wide variety of winter sports that our school offers
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Canyon High School is filled with a student body of amazing athletes. Many opportunities to indulge in winter sports are set out for students. Students take time out of their schedule multiple days of the week or even every day for their sport. Within our crowd of student-athletes, you can feel the passion and commitment. They love their sport(s). A lot of winter sports are coming to the end of their season. So many students have worked so incredibly hard this past season and it has paid off. These sports include basketball, soccer, wrestling, girls’ water polo, song, and cheer.  

Many students seem to enjoy having their sport be in season during winter as they get all of their winter break to focus on it. They don’t need to worry about school or homework before or after their practices and get some time to just enjoy the thing they love doing. It is also great for students to go out and get fresh air as well as exercise during their three weeks off. It is important for students to still be burning off their calories and working hard toward their personal goals.

Working out is also proven to be a great relief of stress, and with holidays around during winter, people can get easily overwhelmed. This is why having a distraction outside of the house is great. No matter the season, it’s always great to be in shape and working your body to its full potential. Alongside this, it is also important that children and teenagers still get enough socialization during their time that school is on break. Through sports, people make great connections and friendships along with teamwork. This shows the importance of sports and similar activities.

Sports and other activities students find during their high school experience are an important part of preparing themselves for the life ahead of them.  Certain things people run into and end up thoroughly enjoying could end up being long-term things they pursue.  

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