First Double Lung Transplant in Vaping Epidemic

November 21, 2019

  A double lung transplant is an often life-saving procedure performed when a patient’s lungs are so beyond saving that they both need to be replaced with healthy ones. On Oct. 15, this transplant was carried out on a 17-y...

Scott Presler Leads Others to Voluntarily Clean Up the Streets of Baltimore

Quentin Rivest, Writer

November 5, 2019

On Aug. 5, Virginian Scott Presler, inspired by a tweet by Trump calling Baltimore a hellhole, organized a volunteer effort to clean up the streets of Baltimore. Over 170 people showed up to help him clean up. In about 12 ...

Death Toll Rises with Chile Protests

Shafe Asghar, Writer

October 28, 2019

Chile currently has one of the highest levels of economic inequality. Santiago, the capital and largest city, has been overrun by protests that were sparked by an increase in subway prices, however that is just the tip of the...

MyShake App is First Statewide Earthquake Warning System in America

October 28, 2019

  On October 17, 2019, The California Earthquake Early Warning System was unveiled as America’s first statewide earthquake warning system.   The system is able to detect earthquakes by using motion sensors in the ground that are set up ...