Sabreen Hussain, Writer

Are you thinking about what’s going to trend this year? Fads are brief crazes that become extremely popular for a short period of time and then fade away quickly. These trends can be related to fashion, food, music, or any other aspect of culture. The most memorable tend to be each decade’s wardrobe. For example, urban and streetwear fashion aesthetics haven’t lost their spotlight in years, baggy or oversized clothes gain and lose popularity often, and the long lost bell-bottoms have made a comeback from the 1970s as “flare pants.” Entering the present decade, 2020 was a rough start, considering how much the pandemic affected us. Yet we’ve still managed to come up with a few trends including sustainability, comfort, vibrance, athleisure-wear, and revamped pants. 

The fashion industry has been moving towards more sustainable practices since more awareness about climate change has spread through social media. Fast-fashion brands like Shein and Fashion Nova are still around due to their affordable prices and ability to keep up with quick crazes. Yet we can expect to see more eco-friendly fabrics and production methods, as well as an emphasis on secondhand and vintage clothing. Thrifting has gained popularity over the past couple of years despite the paranoia of the pandemic. The widespread virus changed the way we dress, and comfort has become a top priority. More relaxed and oversized silhouettes are expected to remain this year, as well as comfortable fabrics like silk and knits. People usually buy these types of styles in muted and neutral tones to stay on the safe side, but we’ve recently seen a resurgence of bright colors from brands like Skims and Woods. Bold shades like hot pink, lime green, and electric blue have been revived since 2010. The trend of athletic-inspired clothing worn outside of the gym is likely to continue to develop. More comfortable and functional clothing, like leggings, sports bras, and sneakers is often promoted by celebrities and these fits are recreated by teenagers. Last, but not least, the 90s have been trending in fashion for several years with grunge-inspired pieces like platform shoes, oversized flannel shirts, and ripped jeans. 

It’s always exciting to see how fashion evolves and changes with time. Trends can help people try new styles without feeling like an outlier among their peers. It’s fun to try new things and find what’s right for you!