Slender Man Movie Review


Gracie McAlister and Edited by Abby Gweon

The movie Slender Man is a horror film about a children’s myth being a reality. The main characters, Hallie (Julia Goldani Tenes), Piper (Annalise Basse), Wren (Joey King), and Chloe (Jaz Sinclair) find out what a group of guys are doing and decide to do the same thing: they try to summon Slender Man (Javier Botet). They believe him to be a children’s myth and think summoning him will be harmless. The only character who believes that it’s real is Piper, but she is taken by Slender Man and her friends need to get her back.

I think they could have done better with certain things in the movie. For example, they never explain what happens to one of the characters, Tom (Alex Fitzalan). I think they also could have done more with the ending. Other than that I loved the movie and give it 4 ½ stars out of 5. The camera work and effects are amazing in the movie; they were very creative with the film. Anyone who loves horror films and being kept on the edge of their seat should see this movie. Some things may be too much for certain viewers like flashing lights, jump-scares, etc. As a horror film critic, I loved this movie.