Getting Ready for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the one time of the year that is focused on celebrating our loved ones. People typically think you need to be in a relationship to participate in the holiday but you can do things for any loved one, like your friends, siblings, parents, etc. Here are some ways to get ready for Valentine’s Day.

Teddy bears are a very popular gift for that special someone. Image courtesy of Google Images.

You can get someone something that is a typical Valentine’s Day gift. For example: a box of chocolates, a teddy bear that says “I love you,” roses, etc. You can also just give something meaningful to someone special, like something they have been asking for or something related to an inside joke the two of you share.

If you don’t want to get someone anything big, you can just buy or make a card for them.

Try to do things within the traditional Valentine’s Day colors (red, pink, and white). For example, the gift or card you get someone could incorporate those colors.

Head on over to Ruby’s Diner to share a milkshake with your loved one. Image courtesy of Google Images.

Lastly, you can go out to eat. Some nice places include: Ruby’s Dinner, Wood Ranch, and Macaroni Grill.


Smoke Signals interviewed a few students to see what they would be up to on Valentine’s Day.

Sophomore Callan Engstrom said, “I’m currently planning a gift and cute date idea for my boyfriend.”

Freshman Allison McCartt added that she was plans to do something for her friends. 

These are just a few traditional ideas for Valentine’s Day, but the possibilities are endless.