The Dangers of Yubo

The Yubo logo.

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The Yubo logo.

Yubo is a social platform geared towards people aged 13 to 25, and has 40 million users worldwide. Similarly to the adult dating site Tinder, users put up pictures of themselves, swiping up on each other to choose who they want to talk to.

In theory, Yubo is a harmless app that generates socialization among teenagers and young adults. The app is meant to help people make friends, and while people do use it for that purpose, it quickly became a dating site for teens.

Though the app was made with good intentions, and many people have benefited from it in the form of new friendships and relationships, it has a definite negative effect on others. Teenagers and young adults are more prone to insecurities than others, and having everyone choose whether they want to talk to others from their appearance alone puts a lot of pressure on users to look good. It fuels a lot of self-hatred and dejection.

Adults have easy access to impressionable teens through this app. There have been cases where they pretend to be the same age as the users they’re talking to, and encourage them to meet in private. As described on the Orlando Sentinel, this happened with Clayton Everett Colborn, 28, and an unnamed girl younger than 16. Colborn had told the girl that he was 16, and convinced her to meet him at Sorenson Fields, where they engaged in sexual acts.

Colborn was arrested on five second-degree felonies, each of which carries up to 15 years in state prison.

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, and it won’t be the last if the app isn’t taken down. Adults should not be able to contact teenagers, nor do teenagers need to compare themselves to others on the app. Yubo has more negatives than it does positives, and parents and teens alike are rallying for it to be deleted.