The Future of Politics

The future generations of today will be the ones to create change.

The generations of today are those who are going to be in charge of what happens in the future, especially in sides of politics. Individuals in “Gen Z” have already started to take on immense roles in the political field, like Maxwell Frost and 18 year old, Ohio student Sam Cao. 

Maxwell Frost has become the first member in Congress that is from Gen Z, at only the age of 25. In an article by the Knight Times and Best of SNO, it was known that Sam Cao had become the youngest individual to run in Ohio for office, at age 18. These younger individuals are taking part in positions in office that are high in responsibility, and they are doing this to create the change that they want to see for the future.

However, it is not just running in office that would be a way for young people to start engaging in politics. Rather than becoming a candidate, students and individuals from Gen Z can sign up to vote and take part in voting around their area and wherever they can make change. The recent Midterm elections, passed on November 8th, and in an article by EducationWeek, “85 percent of Gen Z voters… said they plan to vote in the midterms…” (EducationWeek, 2022). 

Students at Canyon High School can be the next politicians of the future. Many individuals around campus take part in political clubs or events, like Junior State of America, and play a part in gaining more younger audiences to learn about stories around the world and telling them how important it is to take actions like voting, writing letters to local legislators, etc. 

Whether it is voting, or being a part of/running for positions in politics, the generations and people of today are going to be the next officials that will be in office. However, if old enough, it is never necessarily too early to take on an important role. Like Maxwell Frost and Sam Cao, anything is possible – and though it is a huge responsibility and a difficult role, everyone’s voice matters in creating the change wanted for the future. 


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