Spotify Wrapped or Apple Replay?

Apple Music and Spotify release their yearly summaries.

Photo Via Yahoo Entertainment

Spotify Wrapped is a big commotion every year amongst Spotify users. It is a breakdown and summary of the listener’s whole year. Spotify Wrapped goes over your top songs, albums, and artists you have listened to throughout the year. It comes out on December 1st of every year, and just recently Spotify Wrapped 2022 came out. The listening period that contributes to your Wrapped is January 1st of the year through October 31st. Spotify Wrapped is well known for the interactive rundown of the year. They make it much more fun by including statistics and new presentations such as last year’s “music aura.” It also usually includes blended playlists that show your year’s top songs and even your decade favorites. Another fun feature is the comparison of minutes listened to every year. It’s always fun to share and compare minutes with your friends to see just who is the biggest music listener. 

While Spotify’s Wrapped is much more popular, Apple Music also has a listening recap of its own called Replay. Replay is less known simply because in the past the listening breakdown hasn’t been as flashy and exciting as Spotify’s. Its summary accounts for a longer period of time, from January 1st until December 31st. Although it accounts for more time it’s actually available as of now and you can continue to look at it as it updates through December 31st. This year Apple Music’s Replay is rumored to get some updates. They are attempting to compete with Spotify Wrapped. It’s expected to have more interactive and sharable features with more accurate data. The one downside I have personally experienced with Apple Replay is that you must listen for a certain amount of time to be able to access Replay. So since I use Spotify more than Apple I am unable to access my Apple Music statistics. Spotify is much more open and will allow you to view your Spotify Wrapped no matter how little minutes you may rack up.

I am most looking forward to Spotify Wrapped as they continue to be the most popular recap of the year since its debut in 2016.