Taylor Swift Tour Madness

After Taylor Swift relased tour dates, madness erupted as fans scrambled to grab tickets.

With Taylor Swift’s new album released, many fans were excited to know she would be going on tour not just to play her new album, but some of the best songs from each in an Era tour. But once presale hit, everything hit the fan with tickets selling out, the website crashing, and many fans not getting tickets, instead being sold to resellers who jack up prices after. But let’s go back to the very beginning, the first part of the tour, the announcement. In 2020 Taylor announced her Lover tour, but before she could start the tour, COVID-19 hit, leaving fans who had tickets with 2 choices – hold on to them or get a refund. Many kept them. 

In 2022 taylor announced her Era tour and many jumped into the presale line for a chance to get a presale code for tickets. After a few weeks, codes were sent out, and many fans were excited to hear they got presale. 1.4 million codes were sent out and presale was set to start at 10 AM. 

With that many people coming in, the site crashed and the presale was reset to 3 PM in order to clear the site up. At about 2:30 the waiting room opened and many people waited hours with paused cues and TicketMaster even let people in when all the tickets were sold out. Once in, it was a mad dash with tickets selling out incredibly fast. Even when a person got the tickets they were at risk of them being sold. 

The point of presale was that only fans got tickets and not bots but without regulating codes, resellers still gathered many tickets and started selling tickets for as much as $10,000 each. Many were mad at both TicketMaster and Taylor. But before they could get even more mad, TicketMaster canceled the presale due to no more tickets being available. Many were wondering what they could have done to do better and why they had all sold out. 

Courts are now looking at TicketMaster and suing because of the past problems they had. Many stadiums only sell to TicketMaster and it causes tickets to be sold unfairly and completely unregulated. The data shows that in order for Taylor to play for everyone, she would need to play over 900 shows and tour for over 2 years. Taylors team is now looking over what happened and for any fans sad about not getting tickets, it is not looking up as the only way to get tickets now is from resellers.