Always Make Sure to Take Care of Yourself

Mental health affects many individuals who we may know. Making sure that you are taking care of yourself is the utmost important thing to do.


Photo Courtesy of “The Downey Patriot”

Mental health affects all those ranging from children to adults. It impacts various individuals, and no one knows what the other is going through. 

Whether it is someone close to you or someone who is just sitting next to you in class – everyone has a different story and goes through something they choose not to talk about. It is important to bring awareness to how much mental health can impact individuals’ everyday lives and make sure that they receive support and love. 

Taking care of oneself and making sure that you are happy and healthy both mentally and physically are some of the most important things to do. No matter what it is and no matter how important something may be, it is key to ensure that you’re doing well mentally.

Mental health can genuinely have a toll on people and affect their well-being. So, doing daily activities that make you feel happy is very important. For example, taking time out of your day for some alone time, and spending it listening to music, reading a book, watching a movie, as well as taking a walk can all help improve individuals’ mental state. 

As high school students, it is inevitable to get overwhelmed and stressed with school and extracurricular activities. Stakes are high and it can get difficult to get all the homework done while doing sports, club events, or other occupations that may take up a lot of time. Due to this, students’ mental health can decline and cause anxiety, depression, etc. Making sure that time is taken out to do things that can cause happiness and be a stress reliever is very important to do. 

Especially with seniors right now, through working hard within the semester and finishing up college applications – it can be a lot. Every day may feel like another day of stress, and it may feel draining. However, it is important to remember to take some time for yourself, and genuinely be proud of yourself through all your hard work. 

Whether it is hanging out with friends and family, going on a walk outside or on the beach, or any other activities – it is crucial to do so, and your mental health is your top priority.