The importance of janitorial staff

Daniel McKinley-Lev, Writer

The hard work that is put in to keep a school clean and well-kept for those to feel comfortable in all aspects of the world is provided by many, but most of all the janitors and custodians who work full-time to clean up the messes created by students. At James Bowie High School, the custodial staff has more vandalism and trash to clean up before the next school day than they know how to handle. The lead janitors do their best to clean up the messes and work tirelessly through long shifts, with one crew working early in the mornings until noon, to the other crew working from noon to late at night. Rain or shine, the staff do everything in their power to keep the school clean and sanitary for the well-being of the students, teachers, and the rest of the staff working all day every day. 

One of the head custodians, Cabrera, said, “The job of a custodian is just to make sure all the areas are clean. The morning crew will come in and take out the trash and get the school ready for the day and then monitor lunches…” this is more than enough work for these people who clean up to keep the very same students safe and happy, who destroy their belongings and make their jobs harder. Day or night, rain or shine, these men and women upkeep the school and all of its buildings regardless of the hardship involved. For this alone, we should be nothing but grateful.