Love On Tour: Review

On his most recent tour, Harry Styles performed fifteen nights at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles and I went to two of those nights. On November 11th, 2022, and January 29th, 2023 I was at Harry’s House. It was truly an experience like no other.

Harry does a great job of keeping his fans entertained. Throughout both nights he made a lot of jokes and funny comments that kept the mood light and fun. His outfits were on par and made all the fans go absolutely crazy. When he stepped out onto the stage in a pink and blue tassel outfit during the 15th show I lost it. His tattoos were on display and I can confidently say it was one hot look. All of us Harries are definitely grateful for his stylist Harry Lambert who has been responsible for Styles’ most iconic outfits. 

Aside from the outfits and general stage presence, the set list and songs were by far some of the greatest I’ve seen performed live. Harry does a great job of getting the audience to interact and sing along. He makes sure to circle the entire stage and make every fan feel included. Not only is he good with the audience but he also has an amazing voice. I was very impressed that he sounded so great and kept performing song after song with his angelic voice each time. His live performance of “Sign of the Times” and “Matilda” had me crying both nights. “Matilda” especially on January 29th, as I was lucky to be a part of a very touching fan project that went on during the second verse of the song. We all shined our phone lights and held up colorful pieces of paper to display a message to Harry. It said “you are loved” which goes to show just how caring and dedicated his fan base is. On that same night, Harry was awarded a banner for his 15-night residency at the Kia Forum. Following the banner display he went on to perform a song that is every fan’s dream to hear in concert – “Medicine.” Harries, I can officially confirm that it sounded absolutely insane in person. I will be forever grateful he played it. Overall Harry’s concerts were some of the best I’ve been to and if you ever get a chance you should definitely see him live.