In What Ways do Cats Help Us?

A quick overview of different ways cats help us mentally.

When people wish to adopt a cat, they think cuddly and cute. People have many reasons for wanting to get a pet, but there are things that come with a cat that one didn’t ask for. As far as being a companion, having cats around provides many mental health benefits. One of the first benefits of having cats is that they reduce stress and anxiety. Whether you’re loaded with work, schoolwork, or personal issues, having a cat can help. Studies have shown that they lower your blood pressure and release oxytocin, a hormone that promotes relaxation. Furthermore, the trilling of cats has also been shown to reduce stress and ease tempers. A second benefit that cats have, is improving your mood. Research has shown that spending time with cats can boost levels of serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters that play a role in regulating mood. When teens and adults care for their cats it gives them a  sense of responsibility and comfort that can also increase their mood. Not only does having cats improve your mood but they also provide comfort and support to their owners. They can sense when their owners are feeling down or in a bad mood and will often come up next to them or provide a soothing purr. For example, if you live alone or far from family, having a cat can provide comfort and feelings of safety because you always have someone with you. Another effect cats can have on you, is that sense of companionship and trust. When you have no one around, who can be that for you, a cat can really make a difference. People’s cats have an immense impact on them, and when they pass it is as if another human being died. The strong connection built throughout a cat’s lifetime and a human’s is nothing but small. A lot of different animals have a small lifetime, but cats are one of the few with a longer lifespan. People who get pets at a young age and grow up with them, often consider them a part of the family. Overall, it is obvious that cats and other pets have a great impact on their owners, even greater than one might think.