Lana Del Rey “Tunnel under Ocean Blvd” Pop Up

A Lana Del Rey Experience


gigi herner

Photo Courtesy of Gigi Herner

Lana Del Rey’s “Tunnel under Ocean Blvd” Pop-Up in Long Beach was indeed a Lizze Grant experience, but was it worth it? I attended this three-day event on its second day (March 25th) and will tell you all about it.

The pop-up was held in order to celebrate Lana Del Reys ninth studio album “Tunnel under Ocean Blvd,” which was released on March 24th. The 78-minute album was truly a masterpiece; after having listened to the whole thing I can say there’s not one skip… well maybe.

In order to attend the pop-up in Long Beach, my friend and I had to reserve times online beforehand. We were both extremely stressed that the line to get in would take forever, but, thankfully, it wasn’t bad. The day of, we spent maybe 25 minutes in the entrance line. It was so cool to see so many Lana fans in one place. Everyone was dressed up and was hoping to see Lana there. Unfortunately, that did not happen, but it was still an amazing experience.

Upon entering the pop-up, you could hear the new album being blasted through the speakers. So many fans were waiting in merch and photo lines while singing along. There were many booths and tables set up selling clothing, albums, CDs, jewelry, etc. There was even a caricature artist who was drawing people with the iconic “LDR” sign in the background. It was so cutely decorated, on the side of a beautiful lighthouse.

There were many photo booths and picture opportunities for all the fans. My favorite was the huge billboard that said “Lana Del Rey Vintage Arcade.” Next to it was a stand for Lana’s father. He ended up attending the pop-up on the last day, where he confirmed Lana is having an upcoming tour. Overall, the pop-up was a great event to attend. The lines were quick and orderly, the entire event was beautifully decorated, and Lana was selling some truly one-of-a-kind merch that I am lucky to have gotten my hands on. If you are ever in the area I definitely recommend checking out the gorgeous venue where it was held, Parkers’ Lighthouse in Long Beach. The whole surrounding area was even “Lana coded,” being close to the famous Ocean Blvd.