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The first season of Disney’s, the Mandalorian captured the hearts and minds of viewers with its classic Star Wars moments, adorable Baby Yoda, and captivating unraveling story of a masked bounty hunter with a good heart, and Season 2 is no exception. Beginning back with Mando’s journey to find other Mandalorians and get The Child to people of his kind, Season 2 does not disappoint in storyline, cinematography, amazing characters, or shock factor. Here you will find a full review of the Mandalorian’s astounding chapters 9-16 but be warned, major spoilers from the season are ahead.

One of the most shocking aspects of the second season of The Mandalorian was its return of some iconic and well-loved characters within the Star Wars universe. Fans of the original trilogy couldn’t help but recognize the infamous armor of Boba Fett in chapter 9 or the all-familiar green lightsaber of Luke Skywalker in chapter 16. What’s more was the return of some of Star Wars’ animated series characters who were seen in a live action for the first time in this season. One of

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whom is the beloved Ahsoka Tano, whose actress Rosario Dawson gave an amazing performance bringing the Star Wars: Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebel character to life. Bo Katan Kryze was another character brought to live action, and whose actress, Kathryn Sackhoff, was also her voice actress from the Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars: Clone Wars shows. All of these characters from the original trilogy and from the animated series of Star Wars all added greatly to the story and its complexity as well as aided in uniting Star Wars fans from the originals and the new series of the franchise.

As for the existing characters of The Mandalorian, their development was well-written and heartwarming. In Cara Dune’s case, this Rebellion veteran rejoined the cause as a marshall for the New Republic, but did not hesitate in breaking the rules to help Mando when he needed aid in getting back The Child. With Migs Mayfield, the Imperial sharpshooter turned mercenary, viewers got to see him return from the heist episode of the first season, but this time aiding Mando and showing his full turn

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against the Empire. As for the Mandalorian himself, (also known as Din Djarin), viewers really got to delve into his character in his love and protection of The Child, whose name we learned to be Grogu. Whether flying across the galaxy to find other Jedi, or even taking off his sacred Mandalorian helmet, Din shows time and time again to what lengths he will go to help and protect Grogu, who has seemed to become his adopted son. And who, of course, can forget the emotional goodbye between Din and Grogu in the last episode? This shows the more humanistic side to the otherwise faceless and seemingly emotionless bounty hunter. All of these examples help display the great character growth and depth given throughout Season 2.

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In terms of stunning cinematography and amazing lightsaber (or darksaber) battles, the Mandalorian Season 2 also did not disappoint. From stunning new locations such as Corvus, the forest planet that Mando finds Ahsoka on, to the old familiar desert planet of Tatooine, the

Mandalorian’s locations really help build the world and the look of the series within the larger Star Wars universe. Furthermore, epic duels that take place within the season, such as the fight between Ahsoka Tano and Morgan Elsbeth in chapter 13 or the struggle between Din Djarin and Moth Gideon in Chapter 16, can’t help but evoke that classic feeling of the Star Wars universe. This leads to another point, the point that the Mandalorian has seemed to truly be a

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savior for the Star Wars franchise. After the largely disputed Star Wars film episodes 7 through 9, the fanbase has gone through some dividing and disheartening times, but the Mandalorian seems to now be the sole redeemer of the franchise and uniter of the fans.

Overall, with the immense pressure to live up to the first season and the name of Star Wars itself, the Mandalorian Season 2 truly lives up to and beyond expectations. It is a stunning, funny, dramatic, and epic story all packed into 8 amazing episodes. Although not every episode was perfect, it surely was enjoyable to watch all of the way through. For these reasons, I am giving the season a 10/10 rating.

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