Does high school impact mental health?

How is mental health impacted by the pressure from our peers and how can we learn to change that?

Has high school over the years had a negative impact on the mental health of teenagers? Why has it been like that? Is it due to homework? Friends? What is the reason for all this?

We can guess, the pressure is most likely coming from teachers. Some teachers put so much pressure on their students that it can negatively impact their mental health. In the most recent years, you can see how more and more teens are reaching out for help to ease their anxiety about school. The “American school life” has been so romanticized extensively. Although high school can be fun and seemingly cool, it is damaging to others more than anything else. Either the teachers are working their students so hard it mentally drains them or family is putting so much pressure on their own children to get such good grades it hurts them. Pressuring your children can be so demanding, which can lead to self-consciousness when it comes to school. Parents making their children anxious every time they have to take a test can just be too hard for them to cope with. Due to the pressure, students don’t know where to go. Because of this, Canyon has a mental health club that promotes that it’s ok to reach out for help and suggests where to go to ask for it. The mental health club has been around for a few years now and has been a major help for people who struggle with finding resources and where to ask for help! Additionally, the club helps with learning how to deal with pressure from family, teachers, friends, and so much more! But what if we didn’t have a club that helps find this sort of information? What could happen? Some students resort to self-harm or even suicide which is absolutely heartbreaking to think about but has become much more common than one might imagine. While sad to even hear and listen to, this is very true, and only makes it even more crucial that we learn more about mental health and how to help others who struggle with it.