LGBTQ issues in Poland

Yasmine Shmara, Writer

protesters flood the streets of Poland
Members of a group supporting LGBT rights protest in Wroclaw, Poland June 21, 2020. Tomasz Pietrzyk/Agencja Gazeta via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS – THIS IMAGE WAS PROVIDED BY A THIRD PARTY. POLAND OUT. NO COMMERCIAL OR EDITORIAL SALES IN POLAND (Tomasz Pietrzyk/Agencja Gazeta via REUTERS.)

Homosexuality has always been an issue throughout the years. People have said it is wrong while some people have embraced it with pride. But some of the issues on homosexuality have gone too far for some people, and the allies have been calling for justice. 

Just a couple months ago, the citizens of  Poland were demanding justice for LGBTQ+ people during huge protests. A few months ago, Poland’s government passed a law that will now let homosexuals donate blood, serve openly in the military, and that transgender people are now allowed to be referred to as their preferred pronouns without any form of discrimination. 

It was a happy few months for LGBTQ+ citizens in Poland; they were free to be openly gay and were free to express themselves in Pride parades. They no longer lived in fear and were now safe and happy as fellow homosexuals banned together to create a safe space in Poland. 

But anti-LGBTQ protestors interrupted that peace. Soon the happy protests of freedom became riots about how its wrong and how it’s a sin to be gay. There was no longer peace, and they demanded justice from the government and were angry at the protesters. How could they live in Poland now? With all of this hatred and disgust for people like them?

Anti-LGBTQ protesters have said horrible comments about these peaceful people who are just trying to show their pride. They have stated, “ideology worse than communism” which has sent these people into a rage. Now, they demand to be heard by people. They demand justice. 

The government in Warsaw, Poland has reelected their homophobic President, and he has won. This is bad news for these people. There is no escape for them anymore and people are scared of what he might do to their rights. The President has said that LGBTQ rights are a dangerous “ideology”. He is now sworn in on his second term as president.

People are so scared of what might happen to them that most people who live in Poland are now fleeing, and going to LGBTQ safe places such as Barcelona, Spain. That place is a safe space for them because they are accepting of LGBTQ people and adoption and same sex marriage, where here in Poland, there is a strict ban on adoption and same sex marriage. The Church and archbishop have gone far enough as to say that it is the “rainbow plague” and that this whole thing is just a “threat to families and Poland’s Catholic identity.”

Another bad thing has happened, there is no law that states that protesting Anti-LGBTQ speech is wrong. It doesn’t state that it is a crime. It makes it worse because now people have the right and the freedom to spread hate among gay people. This is wrong on so many levels and can seriously harm gay people in Poland. There is no end to this unless the Polish government comes to their senses and realizes that homophobia is wrong and that they should keep their opinions to themselves. They should realize that just because someone loves someone of the same sex, doesn’t mean they should be sentenced to jail or have their reputations in jeopardy. 

There is no stop to this homophobia and there is no stopping the government and President of Poland unless the protests and riots continue, and something drastic happens to change all of these horrible rules that the president and government of Poland have placed on these innocent people. Something must change and the government must realize that loving someone of the same sex isn’t a crime. Homophobia is the crime.