WandaVision Episodes 1 & 2 Breakdown


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A promotional poster for WandaVision.

The first of three new Marvel streaming series to be released on Disney+, WandaVision made its debut with episodes 1 and 2 on Friday, January 15th, and has left fans with many questions. Opening as a 1950s-style sitcom, the show follows Wanda (the mind-controlling Scarlet Witch) and her husband, Vision (a non-human, humanistic android) in a very odd, seemingly alternate universe setting. Below can be found a breakdown of just a few of the both hidden and obvious hints within the first two episodes as well as some further explanation for the background to this story, but of course there will be spoilers ahead and with less than half of the season released, much of the information below is just speculation.
One of the main questions that fans have had leading up to the release of the first episodes was at what time do the events of WandaVision occur within the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) timeline. According to an article by IGN, WandaVision actress Teyona Parris, who plays Monica Rambeau in the show, confirmed that the show takes place right after the events of Avengers: Endgame. This confirms a few things, one of which being that Vision is supposed to be dead. In the events of Avengers: Infinity War, Wanda attempted to destroy the mind stone within Vision’s head in an effort to stop the villain, Thanos, from taking it for himself, though Thanos ended up rewinding time and taking it from Vision himself. This effectively killed Vision, seemingly without question, so what is he doing well and alive in the show? Also according to IGN, possible explanations include that Black Panther’s tech genius, Shuri, could have saved Vision’s data, enough of it to bring him back to “life”. But another explanation is that Vision is indeed still dead and viewers are just seeing a fake world that exists in Wanda’s mind.
Looking first at episode 1, fans can’t help but recognize the Stark Industries reference during the ToastMate 2000 commercial. While seeming to be just a playful easter egg for some, an article by Cnet theorizes that the suspenseful few seconds of beeping from this Stark Industries machine could be a reference to Wanda’s past, when her and her brother were stuck in an explosion from a Stark Industries weapon.
One of the other important easter eggs found in the first episode is at the very end. Viewers see the shot of Wanda and Vision sitting together zoom out to reveal credits and a tv screen on the desk of a modern-day worker. On this desk is a mysterious symbol seen both on a notebook and on a computer screen that features a sword. This has brought about the theory that this symbol is actually showing the involvement of a Marvel comics organization called SWORD, according to an article by Cnet. This organization is very similar to SHIELD, but rather than dealing with earthly issues, SWORD handles the extraterrestrial.
Moving on to episode 2, viewers yet again watch a fake commercial within the story and it contains the same couple as in the first episode’s commercial, but this time it is an advertisement of a Strücker watch, with the infamous HYDRA logo featured in its center. Of course, HYDRA is known in the Marvel universe as a scientific division of the Nazis and have been the main enemies of Captain America, but something that may have been missed is the name of the watch’s company, “Strücker”. According to Cnet, this seems to be further reference to Wanda’s past, as Baron Wolfgang von Strücker was the name of the scientist who made Wanda and her twin brother, Pietro’s powers in the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron.
Another peculiar item that finds its way into episode two is a crashed mini helicopter, which is the only thing in color, specifically in yellow and red. Perhaps this has something to do with Iron Man, as red and yellow are his signature colors. But the helicopter may mean more than that, as it also dons the mysterious sword logo seen in the first episode on the body of the helicopter.
When at a meeting with the neighborhood’s dreaded fundraiser coordinator, Dottie, Wanda hears a voice calling her name from the radio. This seems to further show that somebody is watching or monitoring Wanda and perhaps trying to help her. Something that may have slipped under the radar, however, was the song playing before this interruption. According to an article from Parade, the song playing was called “Help Me Rhonda”, which sounds quite a bit like “Help me Wanda”.
Another oddity that occurs at the end of this episode is that Wanda is found to be suddenly pregnant, which according to Cnet, dates back to the Marvel comic books. In the 80s comics, Wanda had twins who ended up being pieces of the Marvel villain, Mephisto. Perhaps this will play out similarly in the show, or maybe WandaVision will take a different turn.
Also at the end of episode 2 is the emergence of a beekeeper-looking person from a hole in the street outside of Wanda and Vision’s house. There are multiple theories concerning who this person is, and one of which ties back into the point made before that Wanda’s twins in the comic books ended up being pieces of Mephisto. Mephisto is known to be associated with flies, according to an article by Newsweek, and perhaps the bugs flying around this beekeeper are not bees, but are actually flies, meant to be a nod to the Marvel comics villain. Another theory is that this beekeeper is a member of an evil Marvel universe organization called “Advanced Idea Mechanics” or “AIM”. Also according to Newsweek, the AIM uniforms have often looked like that of a beekeeper, and thus perhaps may have a connection to the mysterious person viewers see at the end of episode two.
What is also peculiar, though, about this run-in with the beekeeper, is that Wanda is able to rewind time and change reality to cause that instance to have never happened. This seems to show that Wanda perhaps is in control in some way of this reality she is living in.
Overall, there are many hidden easter eggs, hints, and oddities laid throughout the show, many evoking more questions than answers, such as the fact and question of why Monica Rambeau, the daughter of Maria Rambeau (one of Captain Marvel’s best friends and colleagues) is one of Wanda’s neighbors in this world. It seems that viewers will have to wait and see this story unfold as the season continues to air on DisneyPlus.

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