CHS Dance Company Presents: Motivate (May Show)

Amanda Quach, Staff Writer

Courtesy of Amanda Quach.

To open up the month of May, Canyon High School’s dance groups (The Company, Jr. Company, and Zero Period’s Hip Hop Class) presented their dance showcase from May 1-3 in the Cafeteria. This year’s showcase was called “Motivate” as their dancing mainly focused on strength and overcoming. These variety of dances were choreographed by students such as, Chloe Paris and Jordan Blackburn. Other notable dancers were: Allie Chu, Abbey Choi, and Brianna Martinez.

Aside from their usual dance competitions, the May Show is a showcase where these talented dance groups get to show off their talent to friends and family. This show presented a variety of dances from contemporary to hip hop. There were different costumes for each dance and some props were used to execute their message. Lighting was a huge factor to

Courtesy of Amanda Quach.

the show and set the tone for each part. The dances were mainly student choreographed and showed what Canyon’s Dance Company has to offer.