Online Spirit Week

During the recent spirit week, the school released three videos. The three videos showcase three different groups at Canyon and what they do. These videos are from the drama department, vocal department, and athletics.

The first video was of the drama department singing “If You Knew My Story” from one of their musicals, Bright Star. It opens with Emma Salinas singing and goes on for some time. It then cuts to the whole class singing their parts with each segment having at least three people singing. The video ends with the main singer closing out the song.

The second video from the vocal department focuses on what they do particularly. It opens with a virtual choir singing and cuts to two different people playing the guitar, singing a different genre. After that short segment plays, a portion of the advanced treble choir plays. The video then goes back to a songwriting unit. It cuts to two people as before, but this time one of them is playing the piano while the other person sings along to a backing track. The video then moves to the song cover unit.

The third and final video is from the Canyon Athletics Department and was the shortest of the three videos. It shows some highlights from all the Canyon sports teams during play or practice. These included some things like goals, homeruns, touchdowns etc.

Although online spirit week was in a new format this year, it was fun to watch the videos. The next spirit week may be on campus as steps are being taken to slowly introduce the student body back to campus next week.