Fun Activities for Dogs



A dog hiking on a mountain.

People love dogs, and for good reason. Dogs are loyal companions to those that treat them well, often offering friendship and support to anyone that shows interest in them. Spending time with dogs is important to strengthen the bond between them and their owners, as well as to provide them with mental and physical stimulation. To garner and keep a dog’s devotion, here’s a list of activities that have been proven to be enjoyable for both the dogs and their owners.


Though it is true that not all dogs like to swim, most of them adore doing so. There are dog-friendly beaches and lakes that accept all kinds of dogs; it is important to note, however, that not all dogs can swim. There are life vests manufactured for dogs, and they can be bought at various pet stores or ordered online.

Going to the Dog Park

Unless ridden with anxiety, aggressiveness, or fear, dogs love going to dog parks. Dog parks are gated, preventing pets from escaping or getting lost, letting their owners stop worrying about their whereabouts. The dogs are allowed to roam free without their leashes on and are encouraged to socialize with other dogs. This gives them an opportunity to make friends and stretch their legs.

Playing in the Outdoors

“The outdoors” does not necessarily mean the woods or a mountainside; it can simply be the front lawn at home. It doesn’t take much to amuse a dog; turning on the sprinklers will water the grass and let the dog play in the water at the same time. Dogs also love messing around in piles of leaves and snow, making autumn and winter the perfect seasons for them to be let outside.

Going on a Hike

Unless the dog likes staying indoors and laying on the couch, a hike is the perfect way to tire it out. Going on hikes permits dogs to find scents and animals that they’d never seen before. They get to cover new terrain and, if the owner is confident enough in their obedience, walk around leash-free. This also gives both the owner and the dog the chance to exercise more than they do on regular walks.

Going to Starbucks

This activity is only meant for dairy-tolerant dogs with no digestive issues. If they don’t have any of the aforementioned issues, they can accompany their owners to Starbucks, where they can have free espresso-shot-sized paper cups filled with whipped cream. Most Starbucks locations are more than happy to give pets their whipped cream in addition to their owners’ orders.

These five activities are popular and bound to make pet dogs happy. Anyone with the intention of allowing their dog to let loose and have fun should try them out — not only will it cheer up the dog, but it will cheer up the owner, too.